Анкета преподавателя

Your birth date?
What levels of students are you ready to work with?
What kind of pronunciation could you teach?
What courses do you teach?
What specific lessons can you teach?
What international exams do you prepare for?
Do you prepare for the CIS exams?
What certificates do you have?
Please name other certificates you have that are not listed above
The date and year of your English teaching experience started
The name of higher educational institution you graduated from:
What specialisation do you have in your diploma?
What additional education do you have?
What foreign languages do you know?
Do you speak Russian?
What is your preferred minimum age of students?
Country of your citizenship
Country of your permanent residence
City of Permanent Residence
Payment details
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Do you need any assistance related to payment details?
Have you ever lived abroad?
Have you ever worked abroad?
Interests and hobbies
Do you have experience working with children (11 - 17 years old)
Are you ready to work with children in our Skyeng?
How many years of experience working with children (11-17 years old) do you have?
How many students (children of 11-17 y.o) did you have?
The date you are ready to start working at Skyeng
How much hours you can work at Skyeng?