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is a new project by Skyeng, the EdTech сompany with more than 9 years of experience in the educational field. We host online streaming events where you can build your audience, help viewers learn new skills and spend quality time communicating in English.

Your personal brand starts here.
Join Life community, share your experience and inspire viewers from all over the world — in English

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One hour Zoom webinars
Regular live streams
Up to 30 viewers
Instant feedback
Stream what you're passionate about
and many more...
Why join Life?
We connect people willing to share with people eager to learn
Full support throughout the process
Life values your time and experience
This is nothing like streaming on YouTube or Instagram
You don’t have to worry about promoting yourself: we advertise our streams in messengers and social networks
Life specialists stay in touch before, after and during your stream. Our content team will help you with the script or Powerpoint if needed
Focus on inspiring: do what you’re the best at, and we’ll handle all the technical issues and possible problems
Don't wait for monetisation algorithms: get fairly paid for doing what you love and boost your personal brand instantly
We also offer…
...public speaking practice
...community networking
...job satisfaction
...inspiration free of charge
...a flexible schedule
...guaranteed income
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Yes, my level is Upper-Intermediate or higher.
Let me think about it... charismatic, social, friendly.
Yes, I'm an expert in my field of work or hobby!
I’m ready! I have good Internet connection, webcam and lavalier microphone.
a speaker!
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